The Perfect Palette Tag (English version)

28 Oct

OK, I’m just 3 years behind with this one. So what? If I had done it back when everyone was doing it, I would have given very different answers, simply because my collection was much bigger and, to put it simply, out of control. Nowadays, all my makeup holds in one medium makeup bag, and I’m fine with it.

Here we go…

  1. Best Packaging

In terms of cuteness, but also sturdiness, I’d say the Too Faced original Chocolate Bar, which I bought 2 days ago… Yeah, I finally gave in after 3 years of admirable resistance.


  1. Best Colour Payoff

In terms of pigmentation and staying power, the Chocolate Bar seems great, but I haven’t played with it long enough to form a comprehensive opinion. Perusing my older palettes (well, the happy few I have left), I’d say the Makeup Geek eyeshadows pack a punch. In a quad of selected shades, I have my all-time favourite dark reddish-brown eyeshadow, Cocoa Bear, which is ridiculously pigmented.


  1. Most Versatile

Once again, and this is redundant because I no longer have a lot of palettes, the Chocolate Bar fits the bill. Mattes, shimmers and metallics, warm tones (mostly, which I prefer), neutrals, darker shades for smoky eyes… I feel you can do a lot of different looks for a lot of different people with this palette.

Besides, it’s my biggest palette by far. It helps.


  1. Best for Traveling

If, like me, you don’t want to load a 12+ shadows palette for travelling, this Wet n’Wild trio in Walking on Eggshells is perfect. You throw it in your wallet, it is sturdy enough unless you drop or squeeze it, and you can go very natural or manage a dark brown smokey look, which is my preference for night-time anyway.

True, it has no mirror and some find the little brushes useless. I disagree. The little sponge-tip applicators are perfectly fine to pack colour on the lid, and who travels without a pocket-sized mirror or has no mirror in his/her hotel room? Who needs an 11’ mirror in his/her palette and an entire brush kit for travel?


  1. Biggest Regret

My biggest regretssssss, and you can scream and insult me all you want, I don’t give a fig, are a bunch of palettes by Urban Decay. Couldn’t pick just one.

Of course, I was swept away by the world-class original Naked craze back in 2011, but you know what? Although I find this palette beautiful, I never figured out how to use it. And don’t even get me started on the fallout! Those shadows were impossible to work with. At least for poor ol’ me.


Why I bought the Naked 2, except for having suffered a severe head trauma or been brainwashed by the Beauty Community hysteria, I have no idea. The shades are in the cool range, which I don’t care for, and just as difficult to apply as those in the original Naked… But, brothers and sisters, I tried, I really did. I even took this palette only when we went to Vienna back in 2012. But I couldn’t use it properly: I ended up putting on the same shade all over my lid (Snakebite) and some mascara and Bam! I was out the door. Not a very optimal use of such a beautiful (pricey) palette, right?


Same thing happened with the UD Smoked palette. What was I thinking?!! Not surprisingly, I sold those 3 barely-used palettes a long time ago.


As for the original Naked Basics, friends gave it to me for my birthday, since I looooove matte eyeshadows. And of course, despite my best efforts, I couldn’t make it work either. When I bought the Chocolate Bar, 2 days ago, the deal was: “If I buy a new palette, an older one has to go”. Guess which oldie ended up in my girlfriend’s purse when we got home?


Yeah, Urban Decay palettes are gorgeous, but they’re definitely not for me. So the whole bunch of them is my biggest regret.

  1. Best Colour Names

Quite frankly, I don’t care. I even confess that the ridiculous, pretentious or sultry names in UD or Too Faced palettes kind of annoy me.

But for the sake of answering something, I’d say I like the overall tongue-in-cheek humour in The Balm palettes. The only one I have is Meet Matt(e) Nude and it’s fun, in a good, ‘I don’t take myself too seriously’ kind of way.


  1. Least Used

Has to be this Wet n’Wild trio in Cool as a Cucumber. I love WNW trios from the regular line. I’ve already mentioned Walking on Eggshells and I also have Silent Treatment, though I use it mostly for the frosty taupe shade at the bottom. Still, the green shades in Cool as a Cucumber are not really my cup of tea. I bought this little palette after watching a video by AllThatFresh and, true enough, those shades made her green eyes pop. Work great with mine as well, they’re just not every day shades.



  1. Most Used

Hands down, this little quad by Physicians’ Formula. When I’m running late or want no fuss, I turn to Classic Nudes. Some eyeliner and mascara, and I’m ready for work or a girls’ night out.


  1. Most Loved

Same answer. That being said, I feel the Chocolate Bar might become a serious contestant.

  1. Desert Island

Seriously? If I ended up on a desert island, I’d grab a Swiss knife, medicine… Hell! An entire MacGyver kit. Or better yet: MacGyver himself!

That is a dumbass question.

  1. On your Wishlist

I try not to think along those lines, or I’d end up wanting more makeup than I could ever use and it’s not my goal. I’ve already gone down this road a few years ago, thank you very much (Hum hum… Youtube).

Sure, some Tarte (Tartelette in Bloom) or Kat von D (Hellooooo, Shade and Light!) palettes are GORGEOUS and well-designed, but the truth of the matter is… I don’t NEED them! I have more than enough makeup as it is.



So, in a nutshell, no Wishlist for me.


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