So shocking! TAG (English version – Original)

27 Jan

Yeah, another TAG! Previous ones were all about beauty, but this one widens the questions to the medias, news and so forth, so if you’re interested, boys, you can take a look at those first questions. Ladies, if you want to jump directly to the girly stuff, it all starts with Question 11.


1. Most shocking event on the news in 2012?

Felix Baumgartner’s dive from space. At first, I thought of a hoax, for it seems physically impossible.

2. Same for the beginning of 2013?

2013’s just starting, but the events in Mali are quite shocking to me, mostly because our soldiers are there now.

3. Most shocking event on the news in the course of your life?

Like most people, I would go with 9/11. That being said, the Fall of Berlin Wall and Ceausescu’s execution aren’t far behind, especially since I was so young when they took place and we saw them happen on live TV.

4. Most shocking TV show?

Reality shows shock me to no end. Or they used to back in the day when I had a TV. I wasn’t actually watching them, mind you, just saw the ‘best of the worst’ on the Zapping show (channel hopping show) and was utterly appalled.

Michael Jackson-THRILLER

5. Most shocking or striking movie(s)? Why?

OK, there are plenty that can claim to it, but I won’t list all the drama, war or horror movies I’ve ever seen, even if The Exorcist has traumatized me as a teen. But do you want to know the stuff that shocked me the most? The stuff that made me sleep with my blankets high up above my head for a decade, even in the hottest summer nights? Michael Jackson’s Thriller clip video. I saw it when it was aired for the first time on French TV back in 1983. I was 5 years old. You can imagine how devastating it’s been. Sure, it’s not a movie per se, but it’s struck me so hard and for so long, I just had to mention it.

Some movies occasionally creep me out and give me nightmares, and I know I’d probably never be able to see them again. The first one that comes to my mind is, strangely enough, Alien 4. It’s mostly because of the way the hybrid alien dies at the end. Poor creature…

6. Same question for Youtube videos.

There are plenty. Some people really post anything! Once, I didn’t pay attention and followed a link one of my friends’ had posted on Facebook. I landed on Youtube and watched, unsuspecting ‘till the very end, an actual car crash happening. Not cool.

Gainsbourg billet

7. Most shocking celebritie(s)? Why?

As a kid, it probably was Serge Gainsbourg (a French composer and singer). I remember him setting a 500 francs (75€) bill on fire on the newscast, and my entire family started yelling and shouting in outrage. I was afraid of him because he looked unkempt, with big shinning eyes and I couldn’t understand most of his drunken mumbling. Now, I know him for the music genius he was, but back then, I only saw some sort of bogeyman.

Recently? Among many others, a special mention to the French soccer team during 2010 South Africa’s world cup. The players’ behavior made me feel ashamed of being French.


8. Which publicized person seems to use controversy or provocation for good reasons?

Today, I would go with Eminem. That guy knows how to use his heinous alter ego Slim Shady to attack abreast the hypocrisy of American society.

But the best remains, for me, Coluche (a French humorist who died in 1986). He used provocation with such talent… I think he did a lot for people’s views and French society to move forward, aside from his involvement with the association SOS Racism and the creation of Les Restos du Coeur (‘Restaurants of the Heart’).

9. Can we make fun about anything?

Yes, if it’s done properly, with the right mindset. Back in the 1980s, Coluche, Les Nuls or Les Inconnus (all French humorists, sorry!) wrote skits about racists, misogynists, assassins… And it worked! Sometimes I regret the cautiousness of humorists today, for humor is one of the best ways to denounce a society’s dysfunctions. It all depends on how the artist proceeds.

10. Do you feel the newscasts should choose the footage they show us more carefully?

According to what can be seen on the Web, I can imagine things haven’t improved since the time I had a TV, so my answer is “yes, absolutely”. Why not include more graphic pictures or footage in the late newscasts, when kids are in bed? I feel the viewers should have a choice in the images that are forced upon them. Adults should have the possibility to protect children from such graphic content in the news.

Now, on to the more funny/girly stuff…

11. What star look is the most extravagant?

Of course, Lady Gaga crushes everyone here. I have to say that, with all the creators and artists working for her in the ‘Haus of Gaga’, other stars cannot really compete. Even though she can be quite vulgar sometimes, Gaga offers first and foremost a global artistic approach. Her clothes don’t always display the best of tastes, but originality is almost always there.

Before Stefani Germanotta appeared on the celebrity scene, extravaganza was already required from a pop star. I think the one who struck me the most as a kid is Elton John: he always had incredible wigs and glasses!

12. Do you think stars can allow themselves anything fashion-wise?

Almost anything, yes. Now, one has to adapt: a really undressed or SM-inspired outfit at the Disney Club won’t do.

Lady Gaga Meat Dress

13. What did you think about Lady Gaga’s meat dress in 2010? Did you feel all the buzz was justified?

First, I really didn’t understand the singer’s move. What was the message? Was there even one? I think she never really explained herself about that. I remember thinking: “That dress must have stunk at the end of the ceremony!” And the following buzz was no surprise, really. Without finding the attention totally justified (there are much more revolting things happening out there), she was sure to be a target with that one. I suspect she even welcomed the attacks.

Ditto NME

14. What do you think about Beth Ditto posing naked on NME cover?

That she’s gorgeous on every level. I find it so brave and yet it’s so much like her! With that single picture, she’s done more for the evolution of the image of woman in the medias than any political speech in the world.

15. In TV shows such as Weakest Link or America’s Got Talent, do you feel a guilty pleasure when judges tackle candidates?

When I was younger and we watched shows such as Weakest link at home, the barbs Laurence Boccolini (host in the French version) kept sending the candidates’ way upset me most of the time… but only because she was firing at everyone, good or bad. But, when she dressed down stupid, self-important or petty candidates, I was jubilant.

I only discover now TV shows such as The Voice, X-Factor, Britain’s Got Talent… I had managed to avoid them for more than a decade and boom! From one video to the next on Youtube, it has almost become an addiction. And I have to admit… when judges tackle disaster-contestants or psycho-contestants, I love it! But that’s even better the other way around: when a contestant comes on stage and everyone judges him or her on sight and that same contestant blows them away with talent. Great and famous examples: Susan Boyle or Charlotte and Jonathan in Britain’s Got Talent.

I must add that, even though the audience often boos him, I really appreciate Simon Cowell’s frankness. Yes, he can be a jerk in his critics, but he’s also fair.

16. Do you like to read tabloids? Why?

At the doctor’s waiting room, does that count? I feel at a loss with tabloids, for I know nothing of most of the ‘stars’ mentioned in them. I basically dig in when I see a post about one of my favorite celebrities in Google News.

17. What makeup (other than Halloween looks) seems totally inappropriate?

That of very young teenage girls who already have their beauty channel on Youtube. I want to tell them: “Honey, don’t expose yourself so early to the virtual world’s cruelty and dangers. The time to wear makeup will come soon enough.”

18. Have you ever posted a really aggressive comment on Youtube or on a blog?

Once, to protect one of my favorite Youtubers who was harassed about her private life.

19. Some Youtubers’ huge makeup collections attract viewers’ contempt or ire. Do you think such videos shouldn’t be posted? Do you find it shocking the amount of makeup some beauty addicts have accumulated?

I’m mitigated about that topic. On the one hand, I loooove to watch videos where other girls show their makeup collection, because it gives me ideas for shopping lists or storage tricks. On the other hand, I find some collections ridiculously large. That a professional makeup artist or a very active beauty guru should receive and try on thousands of products and samples is normal: that’s her job. But that a Youtuber who won’t use a lot of her makeup should accumulate so much stuff (perishable, let’s not forget), calls for some internal questioning.

Now, I won’t be a hypocrite. In a collection phenomenon, impulse buying and accumulation are key and answer a need. One wouldn’t blame a philatelist for collecting stamps just because he won’t use them to send letters. Yes, I have too much makeup in my (modest) collection, I won’t ever be able to use it all up, but that’s not the point. I love to collect pretty packaging, try new stuff and have choice, options. A huge part of the pleasure comes from that. I guess it goes just the same for those Youtubers so often criticized.

20. Since 2006, Spain has forbidden ultra skinny or anorexic models to step on catwalks. What do you think about it?

That it’s a darn good thing. That we should have thought of that at least 30 years ago, and that other countries should do the same. Medias and fashion gurus have to stop making us believe that the ideal beauty is found in a sick individual… For being overly skinny isn’t natural and can have disastrous consequences. Let’s put healthy women on the catwalks instead! Let’s show young girls that being a size 10 or 14 is perfectly normal and sexy.

21. What is the most outrageous makeup or fashion purchase you’ve ever made?

Undoubtedly, my huge Mally Beauty Haul last year. I had waited for many months for the perfect opportunity on Ebay, for this brand cannot be found nor shipped in France. And when someone put 2 big sets of Mally products on sale, I literally jumped on the occasion! It was quite an investment, but well worth it: most of that stuff is high quality and I use Mally products daily. Plus, I got to share a lot of it with makeup enthusiasts amongst my family and friends.


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