I ♡ Bronze TAG (English Version – Original)

20 Jan

A new TAG I came up with, about girly things (again) like makeup or fashion. Boys, you can skip this and go directly to movie reviews, though they’re all in French for now, I’m afraid. Ladies, here we go!

Bronze Tag 1

1. What do you think of bronzy or burnished gold jewels? Do you have any in your jewelry collection?

These are the ones I’m immediately attracted to in a shop. I find those warm but muted colors very classy, and I prefer them to shining gold. Still, I’m not much of a jewel kind of girl to begin with and I don’t wear a lot of jewels nor invest much in them. When it comes to bronze or burnished gold, there’s a lot of choice in costume jewelry, but unfortunately, my sensitive skin doesn’t deal with it for long. I have a few nice pieces anyway, but dare not wear them for a whole day, so they usually hang sadly by my vanity’s side…

2. Do you find Bronze an easy color to wear?

I got the feeling Bronze works for any skin tone. There are so many varieties, so many finishes possible: lighter or darker, more or less metallic, for example. Plus, that shade gives most people a very healthy glow. It works on fair skin tones, but is gorgeous on tanned skins.

3. Do you have accessories in that particular shade?

Yes, mostly for my hair. I bought them for nothing in different shops in Paris (I Am, Six, Môa, Claire’s…) just like my costume jewels, actually. I remember a particular day last year when, on a whim, I’ve rushed to all those shops I just mentioned at the Forum des Halles (a very famous Mall in the center of Paris) to buy a huge quantity of bronze elastic bands for my hair (almost all lost here and there since then), headbands and bobby pins. My favorite bronze hair accessory has to be a leopard print headband. I wear it at least once a week.

De gauche à droite et de haut en bas :  Aqua Cream n°15 (MUFE), Color Tatto On and On Bronze (Maybelline), Paintpot Indianwood (MAC), Naked palette (UD), Polished Bronze (Rimmel), Bronze et Woodwinked (MAC), Cinnamon Spice (Maybelline), Fard crème en stick 06 (Kiko), Evercolor Shadow Stick en Saddle Shimmer (Mally)

Left to right and top to bottom : Aqua Cream #15 (MUFE), Bad to the Bronze Color tattoo (Maybelline), Paintpot Indianwood (MAC), Naked palette (UD), Polished Bronze (Revlon), Bronze and Woodwinked (MAC), Cinnamon Spice (Maybelline), cream shadow stick 06 (Kiko), Evercolor Shadow Stick in Saddle Shimmer (Mally)

4. Favorite Bronze eye shadow(s)?

Almost all those I have. Seriously, I’ve got quite a few of those now in my collection. I have a big crush on Cinnamon Spice (Maybelline), which is perfect for my light to medium skin tone. A slightly darker one is Revlon’s Polished Bronze, but it makes me look even more tired on a bad day. I’m also totally in love with my bronze cream eye shadows (of course!). MAC’s painpot in Indianwood is on the yellow side and I prefer to wear it combined to Cinnamon Spice, but my Maybelline Color tattoo in Bad to the Bronze (On and on Bronze in France) is great on its own or as a base: it’s a perfect balance between more golden shades and more brown ones. Even if I use it less often, Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Cream #15 can be a good base for a darker smoky look. Another kind of cream shadow that can be worn on its own: Mally’s Evercolor Shadow Stick in Saddle Shimmer. A cheaper alternative would be Italian drugstore brand Kiko’s Long Lasting Stick #06. Still, unlike Mally’s, it’s better to apply it on a base. To get a quick ‘Lazy Look’, Maybelline’s or Mally’s cream shadows are perfect: you apply it on your lid, put on some mascara and off you go!

My most recent acquisition is MAC’s eye shadow in Bronze: I haven’t used it that much yet, for I’m used to my gorgeous Woodwinked, but I’ll work on that, promise!

5. Favorite bronzer?

Bronzer has to be THE mandatory complement to a bronzy eye look. My favorite is Rimmel in Sun Dance: since it’s slightly shimmery, it’s perfect to dust all over your face for a natural and discreet glow. If you want to contour, it won’t work though. You’d better turn to a matte bronzer like NYC Sunny. But careful with this: I find it a little orangey, and it won’t work for every skin tone.

Bronze Tag 3

6. What colors and makeup products are best combined with bronze eye shadows?

Aside from bronzer, I like to stay in the same bronzy family with a spicy but neutral blush. I usually turn to MAC’s Gingerly, but I’m totally obsessed with it, so… I also like to combine a bronze eye look with a matte pink/peach blush. I prefer to tone down metallic or shimmery shades on my eyes with a matte color on my cheeks, unless I want to look like a disco ball, which never happens! My favorite blushes? Milani’s Mai Tai (unfortunately discontinued), or the cream blush that comes in a stick by NYC: I have the shade Plaza Pink, which is pretty. I was told Mocha or Pinched by NYX could be good alternatives, but haven’t tried them so I can’t say.

For lips, I feel there are 2 possibilities: either stay in the same bronzy family or try a pinkish matte neutral. Searching my little collection, I found several products that could enter the 1st category: Moisture Renew lipstick in the shade Sunset (Rimmel) and Palladio’s tinted lip balm in Golden Pink (which I love). I sometimes also use NYC Liquid Lip Shine in the shade Sungold Pink. As for the second category, I have more options: MAC’s lipsticks in Jubilee or Pâtisserie, or NYX’s Megashine Lipgloss in Beige (which is pink BTW, go figure)… As a rule, I prefer to give it all to the bronzy eyes and mute the rest of the face, especially if I go for a smoky look.

7. What kind of clothing works best with a bronzy makeup look?

Strangely enough, bronze clothing doesn’t seem to work that good with bronze makeup. Well, it’s not like we can find that many pieces of bronze clothing anyway! But even a brown top is hard to choose to match such a makeup look, and I think it’s safer to take a warm brown. Or go straight out for a beautiful red top. I wouldn’t try a frankly red mouth with bronze eyes, for it seems a little overboard, but I feel a red top is the bomb. Black is a perfect alternative, for one can never go wrong with it. And surprisingly, I have a light yellow tank top that’s great with a bronze makeup. I also like to pair that kind of look with large golden hoop earrings.

8. What do you think of J-Lo’s bronze smoky looks? Is she an icon for you?

I realized only recently that she often wears that kind of makeup. On her medium to dark skin tone, it looks gorgeous and I’m always happy to see a new variation or twist on the bronze smoky theme, which seems endless. But she’s not one of my icons, and several other celebrities often flirt with the bronze theme: Keira Knightley, Kim Kardashian…

9. Your favorite Bronze look on Youtube?

Several beauty gurus have made wonderful bronze makeup tutorials on Youtube, but if I could only pick one, it would be (once again) one of Emily’s  videos. The funniest thing is that it’s not a bronze theme video to begin with, but one of her 1-Brand tutorials. The MAC one, to be precise. She’s come up with a fall look I’ve made my own right away, for I love it. I wear it often. And why not, when it combines Woodwinked’s bronze tone to my beloved Cranberry? It’s become one of my absolute classics.

10. Bronzy makeup products on your wish list?

As you must have guessed by now, I’m a huge fan of bronze makeup and, I’m ashamed to confess, I already have all the products I wanted. But as you know, it would only take a new product for me to think ‘gee, I have to have this one!’ Welcome to the wonderful world of makeup junkies and consumer society.

11. What do you think of the color selection in the neutral palettes that keep popping here and there in the same mind as Urban Decay’s first Naked palette?

Aaaah, the Naked Palette! Been wondering when it would pop up in this TAG, have you? Launched several years ago, it has become a reference, and every brand, either drugstore or high end, stepped into the breach. Neutral or nude palettes come from every direction with more and more of them proposing matte shadows. Obviously, brands have listened to the beauty community’s complaint about the lack of matte shadows in the original Naked palette. Competition even reacted before Urban Decay, which launched Naked 2 last year, with almost no matte shadow except for the beautiful and very pigmented matte black (Blackout). So, the brand recently released a third palette called Naked Basics with mostly matte shades. I really find this ridiculous: beauty addicts have already turned to other brands, purchasing great products like Lorac’s Pro Palette, The Balm’s Nude Tude and recent Meet Matt(e) palettes, or even cheaper alternatives. I feel Urban Decay woke up a little too late.

I haven’t purchased neutral palettes other than my Naked and Naked 2 palettes though, because they’re more than enough for me, especially combined with my collection of single eye shadows. For those like me who love bronze or very warm browns, the first Naked palette already offered many options, with a gold shade (Half Baked), a beautiful bronze (Smog) and a deeper version (Darkhorse). With the Naked 2 come Half Baked (again), and 2 shades I feel enter the bronze family: Snakebite and Suspect. So there’s plenty to have fun with.

If you like bronzy colors without being a junky like me, the original Naked palette should be enough to start. Or you can choose single shadows. No need to buy all the neutral palettes that have flooded the makeup market lately. It’s a little dizzy, isn’t it? It seems like there’s a new one coming our way every month!

Bronze Tag 4

12. Metallic shades you like aside from Bronze?

I’m not really fond of gold worn alone, I feel it’s too overboard. Silver is even worse: it’s cold, I almost never use it except on very rare occasions. But there are other metallic shades I do like to play with, especially copper. One of my favorite looks is to combine MAC’s Rubenesque paintpot with Coppering eye shadow (just get a look at my avatar). In the copper family, I’m really fond of Mally’s Evercolor Shadow Stick in Copper Rose. I usually apply it in the inner corner combined with Saddle Shimmer on the rest of the lid, but it’s very pretty on its own as well.

I also have several Kiko metallic eyeliner pencils that cost almost nothing. Since I’m not a big eyeliner pencil user, there was no way I would spend a lot of money at Sephora. To top it all, Kiko offers a wide range to choose from, so I have a golden one (#400), a classic bronze one with its sponge smudger (#601), a rather dark copper one (#402) and a borderline cranberry one (#403).

Crayons eyeliner de Kiko

Kiko eyeliner pencils

Now, if you’re really nuts about metallic shades, you can always purchase Coastal Scents’ huge Metal Mania palette. I might just do so myself!

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