I ♡ Pink TAG (English version)

12 Jan

A little TAG I came up with, even if something down the same alley circulated on Youtube a couple of years ago.

I don’t like Valentine’s Day, never celebrate it, but since V-Day’s approaching (tic toc), I wanted to talk PINK, one of my favorite colors… a ‘neutral’ even for some makeup junkies out there!

I love pink tag


1. Is Pink your favorite color?

No, but it’s on my podium though, right there with red and green.

2. What is your favorite pink blush?

MAC’s Dollymix. That shade looks a little crazy in the pan, very bright, but applied carefully, it gives you a really healthy glow.

3. Favorite pink eyeshadow?

I don’t have a lot of those, and have the feeling we don’t come across that many, right?! I would say MAC’s Cranberry, though one might object that particular shade stands midway from the red color.

4. Favorite pink lipstick or lipgloss?

That’s a tough one. For lipstick, I’d like to chose MAC’s Pâtisserie, but it’s more in the neutral family, don’t you think? That or Revlon’s Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie, which I love. As for lipgloss, I don’t have a lot of choice since I’m not really a lipgloss kind of girl. I’d go with NYX’s mega shine lipgloss in Beige, because it’s very casual and goes with basically anything.

5. A shade of pink that you dislike or that doesn’t suit you?

Fushia is hard to wear in my book, makes me look like a ghost. I prefer shades leaning toward the berry family.

6. Your favorite pink accessorize or piece of clothing?

Hard to chose! I have so many pink stuff it’s borderline crazy. I think I’ll go with my Mexican blanket, the same one I use as a header for this Blog. Whenever I’m tired, just a look at its vibrant colors, and I feel better.

7. What do you think of Bridal makeup looks? Is pink the most appropriate color?

I’ve watched dozens of bridal makeup tutorials on YT, focusing on longwearing tricks, lights, that kind of things. Beauty gurus tend to use a lot of pink in their bridal looks, but not all the time. A pretty bronze or taupe look works just fine, right? Since I don’t see myself getting married, I haven’t really thought about a bridal makeup for myself, but I guess there would be pink somewhere! Can’t help it!

8. Do you think pink is easier to wear when one is younger?

It’s true we usually associate pink with little girls rather than adults. When I arrive at work with a lot of pink in my makeup or clothing, or even in Paris underground, I catch surprised or bemused looks upon my weird wardrobe.

9. The blush Orgasm by NARS has been hype for years. Do you think it deserves all the attention?

Since I’ve become interested in makeup (a couple of years ago), I’m astonished by the number of times I’ve come across that blush, in videos, blog posts and so forth. It’s a beautiful one, granted, but even after swatching it several times at Sephora, I still don’t understand the buzz. Deepthroat is just as pretty, and don’t even get me started on Milani’s baked blushes! Needless to say I don’t have Orgasm in my collection: I don’t find it that extraordinary, and it’s expensive. Except for my MAC blushes, which I bought when I had a coupon or gift card, I’ve never spent that much money on a blush and don’t intend to in a foreseeable future.

10. What fashion or movies icon do you associate the color pink to?

As a kid, I would have answered Miss Piggy or Barbie. But now, and you’ll find this crazy, I’d go with Reese Witherspoon in Legally Blonde.

11. What do you think about the shade ‘Barbie pink’?

Well, we recognize it right away, that’s for sure! I’m not a huge fan, but it remains a classic. Still, wearing it is another story entirely.

12. What color(s) do you like to combine with pink?

Taupe, probably. I find that combination both very classy and soft.

There! Have fun! You can post your answers in a comment below, I’d love to know about your tastes.

I TAG the following beauty gurus (even if they don’t read my Blog):

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Emily (Beauty Broadcast)

Elsa (Elsamakeup)

Sarah (Mamoizelle Sooz)

Marlena (MakeupGeek)

Tiffany (MakeupbyTiffany)


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