Random Stuff #1: Chicago in Paris!

13 Oct

Hey Guys! Told y’all in my Home Page that I would end up writing in your own language! Now it’s done, and it’s only fitting that the subject of this little post is some kind of reminder of my trip to Chicago during the Summer of ’09.

I was having lunch with a friend in La Défense today. For those of you who’ve never been to Paris before (and those who have), La Défense is the French equivalent of US Downtowns or London’s City: huge buildings of glass and steel (though one can hardly talk about skyscrapers in Paris), lots of people working in banks, financial societies and classy hotels, in department stores and a big mall.

Anyway, I was waiting for my friend to show up, wandering on the plazza when I stopped dead in front of this orange/red metallic sculpture, stuck between buildings and surrounded by little shops and restaurants.

The Red Spider - Paris, La Défense

I was the only one really paying attention to that piece of art, but… oh boy! Did it remind me of the famous Flamingo I’d fallen in love with back in Chicago! So I had to get closer, take pictures and dig about that stuff on the Internet. And guess what? The same guy made both of them! Alexandre Calder actually made Chicago’s Flamingo in 1973, and Paris-La Défense’s Red Spider (L’Araignée rouge) in 1976, juste before he died. Tons of people know that around the world and I’m actually making a fool of myself, being so surprised while the thing’s been there for like 35 years! How come I never noticed before? Oh well, who cares?

Flamingo - Chicago, IL

But isn’t it wonderful? I finally know where to look for some Chicago/American Downtown feeling near home! I’m telling you guys, that discovery made my day!


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